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Pre-sales issues

  • How to answer technical guidance?

    For some customers who need non-standard equipment, we will communicate with the company's relevant technical personnel according to the customer's specific requirements, taking into account the technical feasibility and production costs, and give customers solutions.

  • How to recommend products?

    We can provide non-standard equipment production and new product development services according to customer requirements. According to the customer's picture of the paper bag to be produced, the purpose of the product to be purchased, the environment, the purchase volume and other related conditions, we will recommend several cost-effective products for the customer to choose.

  • How to make a quotation?

    Based on our company's research and development costs, production costs and customer purchases, we conduct calculations to determine the price of the product.

Problems in sale

  • About payment

    After signing the contract, 30% of the total payment will be paid in advance, and the factory will accept the payment and pay the full amount of the machine for delivery.

  • About delivery time

    About 90 working days after receiving the deposit (non-standard machine), the factory will re-decide whether to change the delivery date when the order is confirmed. The standard machine is generally within 60 working days after receiving the deposit.

  • Order tracking

    After the customer places an order, our company will send professional personnel to track the order and regularly report the production progress to the customer. Customers can check the order status on the official website (delivery query).

  • Product testing

    During the production process, our company will adopt strict inspection process to ensure product quality. Through internal inspection, we ensure that the components produced by our company meet the technical requirements; through external inspection, we ensure that the components produced by our company are not subject to quality problems; and then pass the whole machine inspection to ensure that the mechanical equipment meets the technical production requirements.

  • Product packaging

    Before the product is shipped, it will be packed in a strict vacuum plus bottom tray (wooden tray or steel tray)

  • Product Transportation

    Products are generally shipped from Shanghai or Ningbo Port, China to the destination port by sea.

After sales question

  • Shelf life/warranty period of the product

    The product warranty period is generally one year, and our company provides lifetime maintenance services. If the machine has quality problems, our company will help the customer to solve it through the following ways: a. Send spare parts to the customer. b. Remotely assist customers in maintenance. c. Notify our agent company to send personnel to the customer's factory for maintenance. d. Our company directly dispatches relevant personnel to the customer's factory for maintenance.

  • About transportation damage

    In the process of product transportation, if product damage occurs, it is determined that our product packaging and reinforcement work is not in place, and our company will bear the corresponding losses.

  • About machine maintenance

    We will contact customers on a regular basis on how to maintain and maintain the machine. For domestic customers, we will have a master to provide on-site service.

  • Problems during use

    If there is any problem in the process of using the product, the customer can directly call or send an email to our after-sales department (24-hour hotline). The personnel of our department will respond immediately and make a decision on the response measures within 24 hours.

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